Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Foreword by Sriman K. Venkataswamy Naidugaru

Sriman K. Venkataswamy Naidugaru, B.A., B.L., M.L.C,
Dy. President Legislative Council & President
Tirumalai Tirupathi Devasthanam Committee.

Thousand years ago came a superman who even today is adored and revered as no other human being has ever been worshipped. We call him Bhagawan Ramanuja. Various religionists have paid tributes to the founder of their respective religions but the tribute paid to Sri Ramanuja is something Unique and Unparalleled. The temples and festivals for Ramanuja, the Peetas established by him and the tribute paid to him are a class by themselves. The best and latest thoughts on religion and philosophy are based on his great directive. What influence and power he had during his time can only be realised by recalling to our memory the power and influence Mahathma Gandhi had during his life time. Swami Vivekananda, Sri Rabindranath Tagore, Sri Arvind Ghose have all paid great tribute to the life and teachings of Sri Ramanuja. Such great personality comes once in a thousand years and they live for ever.

Every Sri Vaishnava must read the life of Sri Ramanuja and follow his teachings. We do not have a popular book on Bhagawan's life. Sr M. Devarajulu Naidu has done a great service in writing a concise and illuminating book on the subject. He has brought out many leading incidents in his life and in a simple way has told about his teachings.

He is a great devotee and at the feet of great masters he read the sacred books. It was his great desire that what he has treasured from such studies should be shared by co-religionists and devotees. We are ordained to propogate the religion of Sri Ramanuja. This is one of the best ways of doing this. We are thankful to the author for doing this work and we are sure that many devotees will read this book and be profited thereby.

K. Venkataswamy Naidu.
Appah Gardens,
Kilpauk, Madras.
29th Septr. 1950.


வல்லிசிம்ஹன் said...

அன்பு குமரன்,

உடையவரைப் பார்க்கவும் தரிசனம் செய்யவும் முடியவில்லையே என்று வருத்தமாக இருந்தது. இதூ பதிவிலேயே வருகிறேன் என்று வாரது போல வந்த மாமணியாகக் கொண்டு வந்துவிட்டீர்கள் .
இதுவீ எனக்குப் பெரிய பாக்கியம். நன்றி.

குமரன் (Kumaran) said...

நன்றி வல்லியம்மா.